Easy peasy Victoria sponge cake from Mary Berry’s ultimate cake book

This is a really easy recipe for a Victoria sponge cake It is from Mary Berry’s ultimate cake book. It is not only easy to make it is also very economical on the washing up! I am going to be making it for my boyfriend Ollie’s, 22nd birthday buffet as it is one of his favourites.

First of all pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees or gas mark 4. I am going to use two silicone molds, but if you prefer you can use any shape really. You can also just use one but you will have to cut it in half after and cook it for longer so this is a bit trickier.

once you have your molds or tins line with grease proof paper, alternatively you can use butter to grease them.

This is a great cake to make as you really only need one bowl to do all the mixing. The ingredients do not need to be mixed together in stages or any particular order you can just throw them all together.

For the sponge you will need:

225g self raising flour

22g caster sugar (and a little extra for sprinkling over the top at the end)

225g soft margarine

4 free range eggs

2tsp baking powder

The next step is to throw them all together into a bowl and mix. I’m going to use my electric mixer that i bought from next for £30. They only have it in cream now,  it came with dough hooks too which are pretty handing for making bread; so you do not have to kneed it for as long. What I’d really like is a blue Artisan food mixer but they are about £400 so if you would like to donate me one that would be brilliant thanks! It is also just fine to use a wooden spoon for the mixing just make sure you get all the lumps.

You want to mix until the mixture is smooth but be careful not to over mix. when the mixture is fully combined you can divide it into your tins. I usually do this by spooning the mixture in one spoon at a time. Once it is equally divided you can smooth it over using a spatula.

Pop them in the oven for about 25 minutes I usually test them after 20 but you do not want to open the oven to often as this will make them sink it is better to just look through the glass. To test the cakes I use a cake spike but a knife works just as well, you know they are done when the knife comes out clean with no mixture on it. On this occasion my cakes were not quite ready when I tested them.

Once the cakes are done take them out of the oven and leave for 30 seconds. Then carefully turn them out onto a cooling rack. The best way to do this is with a tea towel in hand and peel off the baking parchment. Once on the rack place in the fridge until completely cold. If you try to add the filling when they are still hot it will slide off.

 While the cakes are cooling you can whip up some double cream for the filling. Mary Berry suggests in her book that the cream is optional, but I must disagree as it most certainly is not optional! You will need about 300ml of double cream again I will use my electric whisk on high speed. It can be done by hand and vigorous effort and patience.

Now you have to spread the cream over the top of one of the cakes the best way to do this is with a pallet knife. If you do not have one one I would recommend getting one as I use it for all sorts of things including spreading icing, cutting butter, and lifting biscuits off of baking trays. Once the cream is all spread you can add the jam I have got some lovely handmade jam from my Nana it really is delicious I am going to have to learn how to make it. To spread the jam  start in the middle and spread it outwards until evenly covered.

Now you can pop the other cake on top and sprinkle with caster sugar. Serve with strawberries and cream for a very English treat.

There are several variations to this cake in Mary Berry’s book such as adding cocoa powder to make it richly chocolaty these is also an orange one, and a coffee one. I might have to give the coffee one a go.


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